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Why use a Travel Agent?

When it comes to planning any type of travel, there are a lot of steps involved, from researching for the best deals to where to go to even when to go; it can get overwhelming fast. That is where travel agents come in! Their expert guidance will give you the confidence & travel selection you may have never thought possible. Don't waste hours researching when you can save time with a one stop shopping experience, customized to fit your goals. Travel agents are the convenient option for a hassle free experience. Our goal is to take the stress of planning travel off your shoulders.

What are the benefits of using a Travel Agent?

Travel agents offer you an variety of options & quotes from dozens of different travel vendors, which gives you; the consumer the upper hand when making your final travel decision. Most travel agents are experts in certain areas which helps distinguish what type of travel you are looking for. Working with a travel agent means having a customer advocate in your back pocket. If something goes wrong during or before a vacation, travel agents are there. Customer service is a travel agents main mission. Creating the best value & saving a traveler money is always the goal. With knowledge of the ins & outs of the industry, travel agents are always updating their knowledge-base. From attending online training's to seminars, travel agents are more like travel experts. The world as we know it, is always changing & with that means updated information on destinations to laws & customs of different places across the globe.

The Myths of a Travel Agent

 Most people think travel agents are expensive to book travel & that is not the case! Travel agents work with a variety of vendors to help cut costs which save you the consumer money. Not all travel agents are the same. Every agent is different when it comes to how they help a potential client or even existing client. Some say no one uses a travel agent anymore, which if that were the case you wouldn't be reading our website right now. Just because you can book a vacation online doesn't mean its going to be the best deal you can find, I mean would you buy a house online without taking to someone first? If something goes wrong, is that website going to call you & try to fix the problem? Or will you most likely show up at the airport only to just hear about the problem when your supposed to be having fun leaving for vacation? Don't let myths stop you from working with a expert & take advantage of all the benefits we travel agents have to offer 

Why use Vacation Life LLC?

Our friendly, dedicated team here at Vacation Life LLC is your one stop shop for everything travel. Our number one goal is to take your travel to the next level & give you the best vacation life!  What separates us from our competition is that we can come to you! Don't take time out of your busy day to drive across town just to try & make it to our store hours. Our hours of operation fit your schedule-always. We aren't just open until the end of the working day because let's face it, you need help after work! Vacation Life LLC is locally owned & operated business located in Michigan but can help anyone nationwide. Our priority is to save you time & money. 
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